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Corporate Governance Exam Paper Free Essays

string(74) plan goes under the exhibition part with center around future value. Games Directors play While breaking down the Reality of Boardroom we state numerous games and strategies frequently utilized by executives with the goal that they don’t lose power. Whatever games were union, alliance, campaigning, scaremongering, log moving and so on. Here likewise larger part of BOD were precious ones of Bright so everyone decided to remain close-lipped regarding what is happening. We will compose a custom exposition test on Corporate Governance Exam Paper or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now Under-saving Like we state in the HLL case under-holding is a strategy utilized by firms however over the long haul it cannot prevent organizations from falling. Job of free chiefs The inquiry Are autonomous executives extremely free has been subject of discussion for a very long time. For the situation the pretended by autonomous executives is inconsequential. Additionally it is sketchy whether free executives were available and in the number prompted by law or not. Review Committee The case discusses KPMG and the questionable job it played however shouldn't something be said about the review panel, was it existent, if so how was it working. Its piece and administration needs consideration. Control Most of the instances of bookkeeping fakes, distorting records, beguiling investors and liquidation rest upon the control of the asset report and the strategies used to fudge the information. Ex: Enron The organization needs to take motivation from firms like GSK, Infy, and goodbye which fill in as instances of good CG. GSK * Chairman of board is autonomous chief alongside 5 others in board. Straightforwardness is esteemed Infosys * Creating riches lawfully and morally Tata * One of the mammoths and as yet interesting administration * In a state of harmony with the qualities * Very intricate set of accepted rules Board organization and structure One of the significant imperfection routes in the board structure is everybody hushed up about the rising tempest ruled by influence and status of Bright. There ought to be some free chiefs with capacity to scrutinize the demonstrations and deeds and the accompanying structures are suggested. European Two Tier model Shareholders Supervisory board Executive board Management Employees and staff The administrative board neglects elements of official board and can address and modify the capacity This model is favored over unitary board. Chinese model Here we consider the to be of the state in general likewise considers alongside investors Board Leadership One of the significant reasons for the defeat was the pretended by Bright. He was powerful and unbending and in this way not a genuine pioneer. The highlights wanted for a pioneer are: Integrity The capacity to separate among good and bad and oversee in a way that it is ethically right and maintainable Independence The board resembled a sham/manikin with no or less level of freedom Intellect The innovativeness must not turn out in type of control and misrepresentation yet the advancement of the firm Character He should be moral and solid character Personality A pioneer must be adaptable and open to new thoughts and proposals. The character is the comprehensive point of view. Relational abilities, great audience, inspiration and so forth. Board level data Desired CG was not set up and there was no reasonable data pathway. The board didn't check or verify the activities. Control frameworks The case unmistakably shows infringement of numerous demonstrations and laws. The board was not fitting in with the administrative work. The control framework was not set up. Reviewers to blame: In cases like Enron and worldcom it has been seen that the outside evaluators can escape away leaving the organization in trouble. For the most part there are tie ups among the board and examiners, some inside settlement that prompts uch activities. Job of interior review board of trustees is questionable. The organization ought to have gone to evaluators like Delloitte who are solid and tried. Dangers that ought to be considered †Financial hazard. Operational, consistence, Business Four parts of CG Internal control, chance administration, social administration, freedom Sarb ax †oxley act This is one of the milestone demonstrations that came in 2002 after Enron and Worldcomm It says criminal and common punishments for compliances and bookkeeping fakes, endorsement for inward reviews and yearly report is to put together by all open and private recorded organizations. Likewise present PCAOBA (Public organization bookkeeping oversight leading group of America) Was condemned for significant expense of consistence CG is a procedure by which organizations are coordinated and controlled Many endeavors have been made to characterize CG and this one by Cadbury is one of the most complete . Cadbury’s definition †â€Å"Corporate administration is the framework by which organizations are coordinated and controlled. The sheets of executives are answerable for the administration of their organizations. The shareholder’s job in administration is to name the chiefs and the reviewers to fulfill themselves that a fitting administration structure is set up. The obligations of the board incorporate setting the company’s key points, giving the administration to place them into impact, regulating the administration of the business and answering to investors on their stewardship. The board’s activities are dependent upon laws, guidelines and the investors when all is said in done gathering. † Mike and Minnow: Corporate Governance is a procedure of administering and coordinating the exhibition of any organization and the significant on-screen characters included are chiefs, the executives, society and investors CG is essentially to neglect, screen, control and direct the working of the administration. For this we have BOD and the set of accepted rules. A few demonstrations, laws and standards encourage this procedure of administration. Extension from least to most noteworthy Society Media and Press Shareholders Regulatory bodies Contractual Stakeholders Auditors Governance and Management (Diagram) As unmistakably the extent of CG is wide. It is critical that CG is worthy and liable to many. Elements of the board Majorly there are four elements of the board contingent on the adjustment to past or existing and the exhibition expected for future. The four capacities are responsibility, methodology plan, regulating and checking and strategy making Matrix The responsibility alongside observing and overseeing is the conformance part I. e. to past or existing circumstance. The arrangement making and technique definition goes under the presentation part with center around future worth. You read Corporate Governance Exam Paper in class Exposition models Usually it is seen that free chiefs are compelled to conformance since they just comprehend what is happening. Vital Formulation * This is the most pivotal advance of administration There must be shared view as indicated by which administration and the board stand * It includes SWOT, PEST, Porter examination and posing of significant inquiries of long haul vital significance * It is essential to have helicopter vision adjusted of long and present moment * San Tzu â€Å"Think the psyche the same of your enemy† Policy making * This originates from the vital plan * Policies are rules, guideline and techniques that must be followed and withstood Supervision observing This is the conformance part to watch that everything is occurring according to the approaches and governs or not Accountability * Accountability is to have appropriate framework wherein individual individuals are responsible for any blunder or distortion * Only the top administration isn't responsible however normally is considered mindful. Standardizing: How load up figures executives ought to invest their energy How chiefs really invest their time Relation between capacities Strategy definition Policy making oversight and observing Accountability Roles: Agents and Stewards Agency hypothesis Head investors contract with specialists look for personal circumstance It says that it is beyond the realm of imagination that operators deal with other cash with as much watchfulness of pledge. They look for individual premium and inconvenient impact on investors Stewardship hypothesis Owners picked and choose stewards(directors) who assume the job of stewards Contrary to office hypothesis it says proprietors vest their trust in chiefs who go about as stewards of investors cash. Alongside the board the accompanying jobs are performed by the executive Managing the board Managing the gathering Strategic administration Cooperation among board and the executives Company’s face to open By methods for every one of these capacities and jobs the board puts forth an attempt towards reasonable and impartial conveyance of benefit, moral administration of firm and prevents any exploitative conduct It lays clear principles, standards, laws and set of accepted rules to encourage administration Maxwell correspondence 1991 †Risky securing utilizing annuity finances prompting chapter 11 Bank of credit and business universal Cadbury report 1992 †best practices proposed How to execute it? For an organization to enter in stockmarket it has to that it follows Cadbury proposals Corporate administration is straightforwardly identified with advertise valuation of an organization. Better oversaw organizations are esteemed more. Enron disappointment 2001 †flawed bookkeeping arrangements; formation of unique reason substances to disguise misfortunes; exorbitant official remuneration Worldcom 2002 †The BOD didn't contradict the aggressive venture of Worldcom in fiber optic links and foundation to turn into a market chief (a transient objective). This prompted colossal misfortunes when the blast for website finished. Measures to check such situations * Make BOD responsible to partners * Make changes in structure * Clearly clarify the duties of Board Make them dynamic load up †in giving an administration to the organization * Make the BOD to meet all the more every now and again †recorded organization in any event 4 times each year * Lay down a plan about what must be talked about Placing requirements, minds the executives power including the CEO Eg: SKF smaller scale account †CEO w

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Answer Questions Part 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Answer Questions Part 2 - Essay Example Each such assault, independent of the area from where it is started, would likewise have the server to server IP address get to subtleties and these ought to have been featured in the review of log data.Morever the gazing purpose of this examination ought to have been the evidence basic the tip. Visit programming projects typically keep record of the talk information and it is accessible time and date insightful. Programmer talk site, where the supposed gloating was finished by Jack Hasenpfeffer, ought to have been drawn nearer to get more substance to the case of the robbery of the showcasing plan. This would have appropriately set the examination on the correct course. As the examinations stand Trigraph side has demonstrated that the beneficiary email address was that of Jack Hasenpfeffer; anyway until except if it is demonstrated that the hack device creator was Jack Hasenpfeffer and that only he had barged in the Trigraph frameworks utilizing such an apparatus and, that such a de vice had sent the information document to Jack Hasenpfeffer; it can't be finished up effectively that Jack Hasenpfeffer was liable for the robbery of the showcasing plan. ... ack Hasenpfeffer's own framework; yet the unsettled inquiry here is if these addresses were the main ones accessible to Jack Hasenpfeffer and if there were no potential outcomes of utilizing the hacking device from some other location. Indeed, Megagargantuan's examinations have forgotten about the imperative actuality that they had analyzed all instance of firewall interruptions in the viable time span. Be that as it may, one reality of Megagargantuan's examination is a grave point that remains against their own case; they have surrendered that a duplicate of the contested data was found on Megagargantuan's servers. This despite everything leaves us at the above end that the advertising programming was gotten to and gotten at Megagargantuan's servers; notwithstanding, the demonstration can't be promptly ascribed to Jack Hasenpfeffer. Question 2: (1/3 page answer) Accepting that both you and T. William Stoat affirm in the preliminary of the case introduced in Fact Set 1, is the master declaration dependent on adequate realities or information Is the declaration the result of solid standards and techniques Have the standards and strategies been applied dependably to the realities of the case The declaration of both the specialists can't be viewed as dependent on solid standards and strategies. Actually in Trigraph examinations which have offered ascend to declaration realities it is now called attention to that they picked the string from one stride in front of the progression required to be taken up. They completely circumvent the gathering data and information on the visit room bragging by Jack Hasenpfeffer. This would have given fortuitous proof to Jack Hasenpfeffer's contribution regardless of whether the utilization of hacking device couldn't be credited to him. In addition, the devices used to get framework pictures are marked as famous open programming in Trigraph examinations.

Mid-term history exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Mid-term history test - Essay Example The central changes occurring in the common sciences, specifically, created another picture of the universe that underscored the heavenly less (Westfall). This demonstrated urgent for a slow change in the public eye and an undeniably deemphasized job of religion in our cutting edge society. A case of such an adjustment in thoughts was the supplanting of the Earth with the Sun as the focal point of the universe, which repudiated Aristotelian and Christian logical tenets. The Age of Enlightenment, similar to the logical unrest, was the wellspring of emotional change in European culture, focused fundamentally in the eighteenth century. The development changed the manner in which individuals considered the world, to the extent that it made a move to a supposed â€Å"rational† perspective on the universe. Rather than permitting the â€Å"sacred circle†, which alludes to the genetic nobility and pioneers of the congregation, to proceed, the Enlightenment permitted people and thought to get through the worth frameworks of the past (Gay). Among these new qualities were those of opportunity, majority rule government, and reason as the objectives and purpose behind society. Specifically, the possibility that soundness should be applied to each issue left a noteworthy effect on numerous territories of society. These sorts of principal moves in believing are what made logical headways, similar to those seen during the logical insurgency, conceivable in any case. Researchers differentiate the Age of Enlightenment with the Middle Ages, which is almost all around held to be a period of logical and sane concealment (Lindberg). As far as science during the Middle Ages, a large portion of the request was based around the writings of old researchers like Avicenna and Aristotle. Logical practices from these antiquated sources were imperceptibly experimental and regularly relied upon philosophical frameworks about how the universe was organized, instead of using numer ical capacities or recently obtained observational information to make new speculations. Subsequently, the science from the Middle Ages was inadequate in efficiency or functional applications to the issues of society. The logical insurgency, which looked for the viable part of science, and the Enlightenment, which looked for the utilization of motivation to life’s issues, changed this accentuation. Nonetheless, the Middle Ages left an enduring effect on the act of science, through to the advanced period, which is the college framework where science was incorporated and rehearsed transparently (Lindberg). Regardless of whether the science rehearsed in these colleges was emphatically impacted by the strict precepts that represented the colleges, the act of finding the act of that science into one area was an enduring impact. The Enlightenment has legitimately influenced innovation in various manners, including however not restricted to the political insurgencies of the late eig hteenth century in America and France. Despite the fact that the French upset inevitably turned into an activity in silliness and panic, the thoughts behind it and the American insurgency were resulting from a changing worth structure in the public arena. Never again were the â€Å"sacred circle† that most noteworthy worth and progressively positioned at the highest point of society; rather, it was thoughts and reason set at the highest point of this structure. Administering a general public with thoughts prompted the idea of the â€Å"rule of law†

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History development of accounting principles

Callahan-Babylonian, Assyrian and Sumerian civic establishments the makers of the main composed government on the planet, and some f the most seasoned put down dialects and the most established enduring business accounts; the Egyptian human advancement †where recorders framed the turns on which the entire apparatus of the treasury and different divisions turned; the Chinese development †with government bookkeeping playing a key and complex job of the extraordinary bequest of Apollonian Introduced a detailed arrangement of obligation bookkeeping In 256 BC; and the Roman progress †with laws expecting citizens to get ready explanations of their offsetting positions and with social equality relying upon the degree of property announced by the residents. The nearness of these types of accounting In the antiquated world has been credited to different components, including the creation of composing, the presentation of Arabic numerals and of the decimal framework, the dispers ion of information on polynomial math, the nearness of modest composing material, the ascent of proficiency, and the presence of a standard of vehicle of trade. The Development of Accounting Principles Various gatherings in the US of America (USA), Australia and somewhere else, actualizing a blend of approaches, have exposed bookkeeping hypothesis and standards to a consistent reevaluation and basic analysis.In request to improve the conversation, four periods of this procedure might be distinguished. In the primary stage (1900-33), the executives had unlimited oversight over the determination of money related Information uncovered in yearly reports; in the subsequent stage (1933-59) and third stage (1959-731 the expert bodies assumed a noteworthy job in creating standards; and in the fourth stage, which proceeds to the present, it has become progressively perceptible that standard-setting bodies, for example, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FAST) in the USA and the Austra lian Accounting Standards Board in Australia (SAAB) ND different weight bunches are moving towards a plasticization of accounting.Management Contribution Phase (1900-33) The impact of the executives in the detailing of bookkeeping standards emerged from the expanding number of investors and the prevailing monetary pretended by modern enterprises after 1900. The dissemination of offer possession gave the executives unlimited authority over the organization and substance of bookkeeping of specially appointed answers for pressing issues and contentions. The circumstance created disappointment during the asses. Two Americans, William Z. Ripley and J. M. B. Huxley, ere especially candid in contending for an improvement in norms of budgetary detailing. Additionally, Adolph A. Berne and Gardener C. Means highlighted corporate riches and the influence of modern enterprises and required the insurance of investors.In the United States, the fundamental players of the time were an expert relati onship of bookkeepers, the American Institute of Accountant (AI), which in 1917 built up a Board of Examiners to make a uniform guaranteed rehearsing bookkeeper (CPA) assessment, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which from 1900 required all reparations applying for inclining to consent to distribute yearly fiscal reports. A hypothetical and a disputable discussion of the period was the subject of representing interest costs. The Abs' Discussion Memorandum on Accounting for Interest Costs follows the foundation of the enthusiasm as a cost debate. Another significant occasion of the time was the developing impact, on bookkeeping hypothesis, of tax collection from business salary.

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Global Warming Essay Tips and Ideas

Global Warming Essay Tips and Ideas Global warming is an urgent topic nowadays, especially given President Trump’s views on it and the number of people who don’t believe in melting ice caps. That’s why it is often given as a writing assignment to students. Chances are, you will work on a global warming essay several times during your educational career, each time going deeper and doing more extensive research. Here, we’d like to give general recommendations and ideas on how this assignment could be approached. Ideas for a global warming essay There are several positions you could take in approaching the very topic, and the simplest is for or against. However, it will be too broad for an essay, so you should narrow down your thesis statement to something that can be researched sufficiently within the set timeframe and word count. We recommend being creative and researching global warming from different sides. For example: The peculiarity of people that don’t believe in global climate change. Can such views be attributed to a lower intelligence level? Or maybe some psychological peculiarities? What makes a climate change non-believer? What are the circumstances of opposing views on climate change? How does it influence global policy of different countries? Views on global warming as leverage in elections. Educational campaigns and how they can be more effective. The level of information on global warming in different countries and where the educational campaigns should focus. What are the prospects related to different courses of action in the global warming area? In choosing the angle for your essay, take the following into account: It should be narrow enough to enable extensive research. Overview papers are hardly ever taken seriously â€" it’s the narrowing down that works. In going narrow, make sure there is still information to base your research on. Otherwise, you won’t be able to support your thesis statement with enough evidence. Make sure your thesis statement is debatable. Otherwise, it’s no use writing the paper at all. Stages of writing an essay on global warming As is the case with any other paper, your climate change essay will require a well-defined structure and planning of time spent writing. It is recommended to use the regular 3-part structure for this paper, which includes: An introduction with an attention hook to interest your readers and a thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph. A main part with as many paragraphs as you have arguments. Every paragraph should describe a separate argument and be built as an article of its own, with an introduction, a main part, and a summary. A conclusion where you summarize what has already been said. In working on your essay, make sure to go through the following stages: Brainstorming the angle If you haven’t been assigned a question to answer in your paper, then you should come up with an angle yourself. Allocate at least a few days for it. Go online and see what has already been written. What do papers write about global warming? What are the most urgent sub-problems related to it? Write down everything the comes to your mind â€" you will be able to choose later. Background research will help you to understand which direction should be chosen. Formulating a thesis statement All the thesis statement best practices should apply here. It should be succinct to fit in a sentence, debatable, narrow, and urgent. If your thesis statement can’t be used in a friendly argument, then it is not good enough â€" keep working. Doing the extensive research While doing the research for your paper, make sure to use only up-to-date sources and take notes as you go. Taking notes will help you with citations when you are done writing. Try diversifying your sources to include various opinions on the subject. Outlining Outline the paper following best practices in this field. Make the outline as detailed as possible to better guide your efforts. The above-mentioned 3-part structure is not mandatory but recommended. If you feel like you could improve your paper by following a different structure, be sure to use it. Drafting When writing the first draft, let yourself go. You will do the editing later. In fact, you will do multiple rounds of editing, so there is no need to polish your every sentence or word in the draft. Simply show your logic and check if it’s understandable to your readers. Editing The best approach to editing is described as “kill your darlings”. That is, you should ruthlessly delete everything that doesn’t really fit into the general narration, even if you spent a lot of time and effort writing it. Your goal is to make the final variant of your paper sound flawless, so no matter how good a certain paragraph or chapter is, if it doesn’t help the goal, you should drop it without hesitation. Proofreading It is recommended to put your paper aside for a couple of days before proofreading, because it will help you see mistakes. Also consider using an online proofreading tool â€" there are plenty of them. A few typos will spoil the general impression from your paper, so try to be thorough. Citing Using someone else’s work without giving credit is plagiarism, so make sure all your quotations are properly cited. There are also online tools that can help you in citing of your paper. Using them, you can provide information about the source, choose the right style, and have a citation generated for you â€" much easier than consulting the latest edition of a style guide to see if a comma or a period should be used. Formatting Not allocating enough time to formatting is a mistake that many students make. Don’t be one of them. Setting the right margins, creating a title page, inserting page numbers in the right place and so on â€" all of these take time and attention, so make sure you have plenty of time to do it before submission of your paper.

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African American Humanities - Free Essay Example

African American Humanities Introduction American literature drew much of its influence from their culture and history. For instance, the African American literature that is, short stories, poems and novels talk much about the Africans Americans’ culture, social inequality, slavery, racism, their sufferings and frustrations. These themes were incorporated through oral forms like rap, blues, gospel music, spirituals, or sermons. There were efforts by the Western world to rid off African Americans of the brutal sufferings they faced through slavery, racism, and pogroms. The African Americans were subjected to alienation, disesteem, and rejection to ensure that they never reached to the knowledge of their identity. It is through this paradoxical status of the African Americans that the African American writers, for instance James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, and among others, were in a position to forge their identity based on the travails and the torments they experienced.   W Du Bois once stated that African American literature was part of their campaign for political emancipation (Thornton, 734). Jazz music, for instance, emanated from the tunes composed during this time as they celebrated their hard labor. It was the only time they could celebrate and enjoy since they lived in difficult times of slavery. After the abolition of slavery, jazz music developed from these e arly tunes and constituted the message of difficult times they experienced during slavery. Another problem that dominated the African Americans was the racial prejudice. It is the attempt of advocating for equal rights and abolition of racial discrimination that African-American writers developed their themes around. The African American literary works like the songs and poems have powerful imagery, sublime themes and special vocabulary that is attributed to the significant contribution to the world culture. The double-consciousness of the African Americans prompted the African American writers to discover their true self through various ways. For instance, James Baldwin escaped to Europe just to discover his self that could not be realized in America due to the existing social conditions that subordinated self-determination of the African-Americans. The Negroes encountered difficulties in identifying their ethnicity and cultural orientation because they belong to two races. The rejection of the â€Å"racial uplift† during the Harlem Renaissance by the African American writers like Zora Neale Hurston, Jean Toomer, and Claude McKay led to the celebration of the African Americans’ color and vividness through cultural essays, poetry, and drama in the African-American fiction (Thornton, 736). What are some of the ways that African American historical experience is reflected in the works of poems, short stories, and novels? The historical experience of African-American is reflected in the African American performance in poems, short stories, and novels. The performances helped the African Americans to have a clear understanding of both their past and present through reconstructing and perpetuating their experiences of a mythic past. The performances were carried out in ritualistic and historic continuum. According to Gale (11), rituals, pure celebration, educating the audience on the meaning of the stories formed part of the performance of th e story telling, and creation of the story telling stage. This was represented in the story telling performance as a black church. The juxtaposition of the acts and voices in terms of response and call in the storytelling performance is said to connect with â€Å"a continuum of African to African-American performance† (Gale 11). The African-American literature used the oral traditions, religion, theatre, and folkways to illustrate the transition of the â€Å"African sacred to secular performance† (Gale 12). This was reflected in the storytelling performance through weaving or collage of story in efforts to relay meaning and recognition. The use of specific symbolic patterns of words and actions in the story telling performance exemplifies the recording and telling the history of African Americans, and acknowledging and coping with their present worldview of duality for cultural survival. The African American literature is characterized by creation and sharing of var ious forms of art like the folklore, autobiography, and spirituals and blues. The literature exemplifies the African cultural philosophy that is rich in symbolic acts and texts, as well as its own grammatical, ordinal, and ritual structure. Gale (12) that symbol systems of Africa were evident in black performances during events like Southern burial markers and religion, Pinkster, in carnivals, indicate it in the linguistic dozens, in the religious witness, susus, and secret orders, and jubilees. The symbols in the African-American literature encoded a circular philosophy of life, correlative conception of divinity, and community creativity. The symbols also encoded conception of the empowering and ordering force of rituals. The memories of the old world were brought into the new world through the performance of pan-African poetics. Why were African American poets drawn to musical models such as jazz and blues as a source of inspiration in their writing? The African American po ets collaborated with musicians as well as composers in the creation of choral works, tone poems, opera, jazz, and other forms of songs. Te reasons behind the connection of jazz and poetry can be explained in terms of seeking connection between the values in the jazz lyrics and the definitions in the traditional poetry. A number of people rate songs in terms of its lyrics, that is, poetry. The creation of the song, â€Å"Strange Fruit† by Billy Holiday, was derived from Lewis Allen’s original poetic work. According to Hayden Carruth, who is a poet, indicates that poetry and jazz connection is a twentieth century spontaneous improvisation of personal and conventional determined style. He states that Jazz is a random, open-ended, indeterminate and improvised poem. It is also important to note that the twentieth African American poets collaborated with musical models such as jazz because Jazz is significant in the American culture through its influence in the poetic dictions. Musical models also set the mood for the poetic themes. Poetry is embedded in musical lyrics. This connection of jazz and music originated from the church services that were conducted by plantation blacks. The electric nature of Jazz talk inspired the writing of the African American poets because the jazz was â€Å"highly electric† and combined well with jargons of prostitution, gambling, dance, music, gambling, and larceny. The incorporation of jazz and blues as an inspiration for the writings by African American literary works was because these forms of music reflected the spirit of complicated experience of the Negroes, the African spirit (Benston 339). How did Amiri Baraka and Ralph Ellison use elements from jazz and blues as a base for their literary styles? Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) used elements of jazz music in the recording of a number of his poems. An example of Amiri Baraka’s poetic jazz combination was the infamous â€Å"Black Dada Nihili smus† that was described to be didactic, apocalyptic, and brutal work of the 1965. Amiri Baraka’s literary work was characterized by overwhelming rhythms, strong imagistic sense, and sophisticated hard message. Amiri Baraka indicated that the poetry was a form of music (Wallenstein 613). Ralph Ellison in his literary works incorporated Euro-American structures, the blues, the chanted sermon, the folktale and other vernacular forms. The backbone of the literary works by Ellison and Baraka was the collaboration with black music, especially, the blues to bring about the Afro-American cultural matrix. The African spirit in the blues prompted them to use jazz and blues as a basis for their literary styles (Benston, 339). How were the political changes taking place in the 1960s and 1970s reflected in the poetry of the Black Panther Party? The political changes of the 1960s and 1970s were reflected in the poetry of the Black Panther Party because the literary works were inspired by revolution concept. The poetry was tailored towards the themes of redefinition, war and rage influenced by Malcolm X. The African-American poetry of the 1960s insulted, and sought for compensation of the historical injustices that meted on them by the whites. The poems were constructed in free verse, to create a difference between the Whites and Negros. The Black Panther poetry served as an educational entertainment art in print, on stage, as well as in the community (Jennings 110). References Gale, Jackson. â€Å"The Way We do: A Preliminary Investigation of the African Roots of African-American Performance.† Black American Literature Forum, 25.1 (Spring, 1991): 11-22 Jennings, Regina. â€Å"Poetry of the Black Panther Party: Metaphors of Militancy.† Journal of Black Studies, 29.1 (Sep., 1998): 106-129. Thornton, Jerome E. â€Å"The Paradoxical Journey of the African American in African American Fiction.† New Literary History, 21.3 (Spring, 1990): 733-745. Wallenstein, Barry. â€Å"Poetry and Jazz: A Twentieth-Century Wedding.† Black American Literature Forum, 25.3 (Autumn,1991): 595-620

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Movie Review Vegas Vacation - 1756 Words

The dynamics of different families and how they function can often be depicted through film and television shows. Even in comedic movies which are typically meant to not be taken so seriously, shows underlying family and marital dynamics, problems, and relationships. Despite all the comedic jokes and banter, the American comedy movie directed by Stephen Kessler, Vegas Vacation, does an exemplary job at illustrating family and marital relationships. The movie follows the Griswold family as they venture off to Las Vegas for a family vacation. Throughout the movie, the Griswolds face miscellaneous family and marital struggles which puts everyone’s relationships to the test. The Griswold family consists of Clark Griswold, his wife Ellen, and†¦show more content†¦The in-depth analyzes of the Griswold family, shows problems within the family system. This includes an unstable marriage, Clark’s gambling problem, and Clark’s lack of attention towards his children. The movie depicts various signs of an unstable marriage. Although the marriage between Ellen and Clark initially seems to be stable, as the movie progresses, problems within the marriage begin to unveil. One of the prominent problems seen within the marriage is the distribution of power. There is a substantial amount of instances in the movie supporting the fact that there is a one-sided marriage, especially when it comes to dominance and power. Clark seems to be the head of the hierarchy, the one who makes all the decisions, and the one who always gets his way. A hierarchy in a family system describes how families organize themselves within the family. The person who is at the top of the hierarchy usually holds the most power and authority, while the person on the bottom has the least power and authority. This is seen to be evident when Clark told his family that they were all going to go to Las Vegas for vacation. Clark’s family was initially not too excited about going to L as Vegas. His wife, Ellen, even stated that she believed that Las Vegas was not really a place for a family to visit. Clark’sShow MoreRelatedGreyhound Bus Company3618 Words   |  15 Pagestrack, and the recommendations that will follow will try to help Greyhound stay on the road to recovery. Summary of Business Case Americans hit the road most often during the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and the summer vacation months, so successful travel firms have adapted their operations to take advantage of these seasonal highs and lows. Greyhound Lines, Inc., experiences large seasonal fluctuations in both passenger volumes and incoming customer service calls. InRead More Casino Development in Massachusetts Essay5400 Words   |  22 Pageson the attraction of an unwanted crowd, increased crime rate, and traffic congestion on state and local roadways. Both United States citizens and foreign tourists who want to experience the glitz and glamour of gambling can travel to remarkable Las Vegas or Atlantic City. For many years, Nevada and New Jersey were the headquarters of gambling in North America. However, the corporate gambling world got a facelift on February 15, 1992, when a new casino opened in the New England area that would changeRead MoreHotel Casino Analysis15841 Words   |  64 Pagesgaming overlap in the hotel and lodging industry to the extent that there are nearly 300 land-based casinos with associated lodging. There are commercial gaming operations in 11 states. The two largest commercial gaming centers are in Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno) and New Jersey (Atlantic City.) The Midwest commercial gaming industry consists exclusively of riverboat and dockside casinos (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri) except for 3 land based casinos in Michigan. The next biggest gaming center isRead Moreeconomic15014 Words   |  61 PagesSystems 9.4 Accounting, Finance, and Compliance Systems 9.5 Human Resources Systems, Compliance, and Ethics Key Terms Chapter 9 Link Library Evaluate and Expand Your Learning †¢ IT and Data Management Decisions †¢ Questions for Discussion Review †¢ Online Activities †¢ Collaborative Work Case 2, Business Case: Station Casinos Loyalty Program Case 3, Video Case: Superior Manufacturing Wipes the Competition Data Analysis Decision Making: SunWest Foods Improved Bottom Line Read MoreEthical Hacking2871 Words   |  12 Pagesinspired way of doing almost anything; hacks were programming shortcuts ELDER DAYS (1970-1979) : Phone Phreaks and Capn Crunch THE GOLDEN AGE (1980-1991) 1980: Hacker Message Boards and Groups 1983:KidsGames, Movie War Games introduces public to hacking. THE GREAT HACKER WAR Legion of Doom vs Masters of Deception; online warfare; jamming phone lines. CRACKDOWN (1986-1994) 1986: CongressRead MoreJay-Z Essay6109 Words   |  25 PagesThe Dynasty: Roc La Familia sold over 2 million units in the U.S. alone. The Blueprint (2001) Main article: The Blueprint 2001s The Blueprint is considered by many to be one of hip hops classic albums, receiving the coveted 5 mic review from The Source magazine. Released on September 11, 2001, the album managed to debut at #1, selling more than 450,000 albums in its first week. The success of the album was overshadowed by the terrorist attacks that same day. The Blueprint was applaudedRead MoreMm-Chapter 1-3 Dawn Iacobucci17854 Words   |  72 PagesIACOBUCCI STUDENT EDITION MM WHAT’S INSIDE: A Student-Tested, Faculty-Approved Approach to Learning Marketing Management Chapter Review Cards allow you to study how and when you want CourseMate includes online study tools, an Interactive Marketing Plan, and set of Analytical Tools $79.95 US Suggested Retail Price ISBN-13: 978-0-538-48134-2 ISBN-10: 0-538-48134-X 90000 2 9 780538 481342 S T U D E N T T E S T E D , F A C U LT Y A P P R O V E D THE MEET SHOW PROCESS ARE WE LISTENING? ReachRead MoreThe Walt Disney Company and Disney Management25371 Words   |  102 Pagesopening. Attendance reached only 9.2 million in 1992, and visitors spent 12 percent less on purchases than the estimated $33 per head. If tourists were not ï ¬â€šocking to taste the thrills of the new EuroDisney, where were they going for their summer vacations in 1992? Ironically enough, an unforeseen combination of transatlantic airfare wars and currency movements resulted in a trip to Disneyworld in Orlando being cheaper than a trip to Paris, with guaranteed good weather and beautiful Florida beachesRead MoreCase Studies13817 Words   |  56 Pagesrestaurant was revealed, the celebration ended. â€Å"Why would be want to welcome ‘Cahoots’ to our town?† asked the president of the Chamber of Commerce. â€Å"I don’t want to say no to any new business, but a restaurant that looks and feels more like a Las Vegas casino is not what we want in our town.† Brian Petrillo, regional vice president for the chain, came to the city council meeting when the item was first agendized to calm the critics and promote the project. ‘†The demographics for our restaurant areRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesindividualized computer training, and via the Internet. Become active partners with public school systems to aid in upgrading the knowledge and skills of high school graduates. GROWTH IN CONTINGENT WORKFORCE In the past, temporary workers were used for vacation relief, maternity leave, or workload peaks. Today â€Å"contingent workers† (temporary workers, independent contractors, leased employees, and parttimers) represent over 20% of the workforce. Many employers operate with a core group of regular employees